United North East Community

Development Corporation

ANU Program CoverUnited Northeast Community Development Corporation – also affectionately known as “UNEC”, was created in 1995 by eastside residents business leaders and community stakeholders as a response to issues affecting families caused by rising unemployment and a deteriorating housing market.

VISION Statement:  A community where residents, visitors, and businesses can thrive in an inclusive environment.

MISSION Statement:  UNEC’s mission is to elevate the quality of life for neighborhood residents and other stakeholders by facilitating diverse housing options, serving low income residents, enhancing neighborhood assets developing business opportunities, and educating our community

Since 1995, UNEC has:

  • Provided more than $3m in homeowner repairs to the community;
  • Developed or partnered to create over $60 mm in safe and affordable multi-family and senior apartments and housing opportunities;
  • Provided job training to over 100 individuals through a partnership with ABC Builders;
  • Partnered with the Meadows Community Foundation to revitalize the former Meadows community – (over $70 mm thus far invested) which includes recruiting world-class schools, the Avondale Meadows YMCA, a FQHC – HealthNet North East, and pursuing many more projects to enhance the quality of life for neighbors on Indy’s eastside.

UNEC’s movement – the staff and board of directors believe that empowering our community, while leveraging resources to create a better neighborhood will enhance our area and raise employment reduce crime, welcome more families back to the neighborhood, create outdoor amenities for all to enjoy, better access to transportation and attract more businesses. Our mission is to make the eastside a more livable, walkable, habitable, rewarding community. Will you join us!